Never use Fly Spray again!
UK,s No.1 Electronic fly zapping racket

A must have for Camping Caravan's, Home, Fishing, BBQ, Office and Holidays!

High Perfomance Quality Portable Fly Zapper

Highly reviewed in National Magazines
Strong Robust Construction and Superior Build Quality
3000 Va Power
Tested to over 100,000 Zaps
2x AA Branded Alkaline Batteries Supplied
Free Carry Case
Fully CE approved
1 Year Warranty


The Executioner produces static electricity (charge imbalance).
Push the button and zap Mosquitoes, Flies, Wasps or any flying or crawling insect.
The jolt is powerful enough to kill most insects, large insects may take more than one hit.
When the insect contacts the charged grill, it produces a spark that looks and sounds cool.
Touching the grill is uncomfortable for humans but will cause no lasting damage.
The executioner is composed of only the highest quality materials and is garanteed for one year.
The Executioner is convenient to use in your home or garden, in the garage, out on the patio or anywhere outdoors.
It is indispensable for those who sit outdoors, camp or barbeque.

You can try to Execute these Pests with Towels, Rolled Newspapers, Magazines or Fly Swatters, but nothing works like....